Psy Nominated for 6 Billboard Music Awards, He is indeed A ‘Global Sensation’


Psy has  been nominated for 6 different categories for the upcoming Billboard Music  Awards, which will take place in Las Vegas on May 19.  It has been made official in the announcements of the nominees that Psy will be competing for the 6 awards at the ceremony. Nominated for: Top New Artist, Top  Streaming Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Streaming Video, Top Rap Song and Top  Dance Song.

The top super stars that Psy will competing against  includes 2012’s Grammy Record  of the Year winner Gotye, One  Direction, Nicki  Minaj, Rihanna and Carly  Rae Jepson.  When selecting its winners base on album and digital single sales, radio play counts, TV appearances, social network popularity and streaming.  In grand winner of 2013 Billboard Music Awards will be among candidates like Taylor Swift, Fun, and Maroon 5.  With his image expanding last summer and becoming a global sensation last summer, Psy is one thought competitor.  His music video “Gangnam Style” went viral on youtube all around the world and became a record breaker for most liked and watch video of all time.  He made it official and sign a contract in the U.S.A to officially began promoting in the states.  With a vast number of love shown by various music programs and shows, his popularity took off like wild-fire.  With a new parody of is song every minute, his popularity went up even higher with those imitation.

After his promotions were done, many were curious for his new song. Psy  worked for many months preparing a song that would be even more upbeat and fun  then “Gangnam Style.” Psy had admittted that he was a bit pressured for his new  song and that he even changed the choreography a few times because of it.

On April 12, he finally released his new song, “Gentleman”  and performed it live for the first time on April 13 at his ‘Happening’ concert  in Korea. Shortly afterwards, he released his “Gentleman” music video and  received an overwhelming response.

He is now currently at around 200 million views today.

article source : kpopstarz news feed


New M/V ‘Jay Park!!!’

So once again if you just have not seen Jay Park’s new M/V by now well here it is!! I absolutely love this guy as an artist, he is really creative in so many ways.


Jay Park releases MV for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2

Jay Park has released the music video for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2!

“1HUNNIT” is part of his next single albumJOAH“. The single album will contain the title track, which is of course “JOAH”, in addition to two coupling tracks, “1HUNNIT“ and “Welcome” for a total of three songs that will cover the genres of R&B ballads and hip hop.



source: allkpop