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New Thriller K-Drama to Begin Airing on tvN on April 11, I have been waiting for a few months now to see Lee Joon in a new drama and looks like it will be coming soon.  The posters are out with the main cast and it looks really good. I have watch Sung Dong Il in ‘Run away Plan B’ and I loved him so much, his acting really got me into action dramas so I am expecting great things. I have also watch Lee Joon acting in Ninja Assassin, he also recently was in the movie ‘Rough Play’ and other dramas so I am really happy he is pursuing an acting career.  I can’t wait to see this character he is playing to see him come out and be a partner with Yoon Sang-hyeon to show a powerful duo. This drama will be airing on Friday and Saturday at 8:50 PM on April 11, so a perfect time to watch it over the weekend.

About the drama:

Starring the leader of hit K-Pop boy group MBLAQ, Lee Joon, “Gabdong – Memories of Murder” is a 20-episode mystery thriller about a series of murders which occurred over 20 years ago in a virtual city. Detective Ha Moo-yeom (Yoon Sang-hyeon), whose father was falsely accused as the serial murder suspect Gabdong, chases after the true murderer among various people of suspicious backgrounds. For his part, Lee Joon plays a barista who remains calm outwardly, but dangerously conceals his psychopathic personality.

Starting Characters: Yoon Sang-hyeon, Seong Dong-il, Kim Min-jeong, Lee Joon, Kim Ji-won-I, Jeong In-gi,…

MBLAQ SOooooooooo….SEXY!!!

MBLAQ(Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, Mir)\'s 5th Album \'SEXY BEAT\' Show Case - June 4, 2013

So Lets show all the LOVE to MBLAQ for coming back with all the love and sexy they are known for.  At their comeback showcase they came on stage with their new moves and songs to wrap us fans all around them all over again.  MBLAQ’s new album ‘SEXY BEAT’ is neo soul and urban music genre, which means just what the tittle states ‘SEXY MUSIC’.  Their new album consists of six songs including the title track ‘Smoky Girl.’  I Can’t wait to see them shine and bring out their best as always, with so much talent that will catch-all of our eyes.  MBLAQ are definitely more than just their looks, talented in every area with multiple ways of showcasing it to their fans.  What can I say with MBLAQ, they came back and not only  impress me just as I thought they would but showed me even more talent.  With their comeback  just a beginning success is reaching out to MBLAQ already.


MBLAQ Mir’s Girl Group notebook………All Soldiers’ Love in One Place


MBLAQ’s Mir shows off his connection with the beautiful ladies of SISTAR which was welcome by much love from his fellow soldiers.  The MBC entertainment program “Real Man”, for soldiers who finished their boot camp training were revealed.  With the first meeting being the most awkward, talking about a girl group seem a good way to break tension.  Mir surely caught the attention of the other soldiers by the phone numbers he had.  One of the question he was ask was “Which girl group are you closest to?,” he than proceeded to take out his secret notebook.

He was asked, “Is there a girl group member you can eat with if you go out of here?” and he replied, “4minute‘s Nam Jihyun, SISTAR‘s Soyoo and Bora, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.”  To the question, “Is there anyone who would come visit you here no matter what?” he replied, “SISTAR’s Soyoo and Bora would come for sure.”  His answers left the soldiers really excited and bursting with laughter.

Photo Credit: MBC




MBLAQ’s Mir Suggests Spring Comeback; Mir Tweets MBLAQ’s Return Will Be “Really Soon!” With Pic Of Choreography Practice

mirtweetMir tweets hint about MBLAQ comeback and pic of choreography practice

MBLAQ‘s Mir suggested that MBLAQ would have a comeback in Korea very soon via his Twitter account!

MBLAQ was rumored to have a comeback in May. K-Pop music insiders have reported that MBLAQ’s title single has already been chosen, and that it’s just a matter of time before the boy group returns.

Mir, the youngest member of MBLAQ, seems to have confirmed their comeback. He tweeted, “Really soon, we’re gonna have a comeback!! It’s going to be so fun!! Coming soon~!!!!” He also uploaded a picture of what looked like MBLAQ practicing choreography, probably for a comeback stage performance.

Mir has been in the spotlight recently due to his comments about MBC’s new variety show “Real Project, Real Man.” The show features male celebrities who enter military service for 5 nights and 6 days without aid from any staff members.

Mir commented on the variety show’s sneak-peek of military service, “Having traveled into the depths of the Amazon River, I didn’t think I would encounter something more challenging. But I was wrong. This was harder.”

He added, “The show is brutally real…I feel more of a man than before…When the time is right [for me to join military service], I will go like a man.”

In addition to appearing in variety shows such as “Real Project, Real Man, the boys of MBLAQ have remained in the public eye through appearances on dramas, but they haven’t stood on stage together and performed in Korea in a long time. Their last Korean stage was for “This Is War” in 2012. They have been focusing on solo activities and Japanese promotions since then.

MBLAQ made a comeback in Japan in March of this year with their third single, “Mona Lisa”. It had been a year and 6 months since their last Japan comeback.

MBLAQ’s agency commented on their Japan comeback, “We are thankful for all the Japan media and fans that have shown great interest in their comeback. We hope to bring even better performances and music to everyone. Please keep a look out for them.”

Hopefully Mir’s tweet about a MBLAQ comeback in Korea means fans won’t have to wait much longer for some new music from the popular boy group.

Article by: kpop starz news


MBLAQ Mir ‘I Will Serve In The Military Like A Man”


MBLAQ‘s Mir commented on his sneak-peek at military service during MBC’s new variety show ‘Real Project, Real Man.’

“Having traveled into the depths of the Amazon River, I didn’t think I would encounter something more challenging. But I was wrong. This was harder,” stated Mir.

He added that “the show is brutally real. We see cameras around us but writers and producers keep a distance from us and don’t even make eye contact with us. We are not allowed to ask for any kind of help. I had no choice but to fend for myself. This experience will certainly help with my consideration for other MBLAQ members whom I live with under the same roof. I feel more of a man than before.”

Mir, who has not served in the military yet, admitted that “people have told me that I will be a changed man once I experience military service. That I will learn diligence and teamwork. I doubted much of it but seeing how much I changed in a span of a short week, I am convinced.” As for when he would serve his military duties, he stated that “when the time is right, I will go like a man.”

The new show ‘Real Man’ features the joys and struggles of male celebrities who enter military service for 5 nights and 6 days. With no interruption or aid from staff members, it may be as real as it gets. The show premieres on the 14th at 6:25PM local time.

source: kpop starz news