Jay Park “Metronome”



If you known Jay Park you already known that he is an amazing bboy, he can dance, sing, rap, acting in a number of projects you name it he is a talented artist. In his latest MV “Metronome” collaborating with Simon D and Gray this song sounds so fresh and the rap is really strong. I always though Jay Park was a sexy k-pop star but now I must say he really looks mature in his new MV. The cool factor in the video is amazing with the three guys, the setting is relaxing yet strong, the effects do not over shadow the artists talents. I usually love watching an MV because I get to see a sexy guy, but when I watch this one I was really taking in by the talents and rhythm that was happening more than anything else. Of course the guys are sexy, but watch the MV to hear some smooth lyrics and strong rappers create.


Jay Park NEW TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!”Welcome”


Jay Park once again is on all his kpop fans watch list due to his recent release of his teaser for “Welcome”. 

His comeback album contains his HOT track “JOAH” which is also his album tittle, also featuring “It’s the Truth“, with the three tracks covering R&B ballads to hip hop genres.  On a funny note this teaser was label WARNING:  This may cause severe nose bleeding and it’s NSFW. [Not Safe For Work or Not Safe For Women]

So for all the number 1 fans like myself this teaser will have you waiting on your toes for the video coming on 4/25/13, until than check out his teaser on the right of my page.



Jay Park Comeback with ‘JOAH’, Actress Clara Makes Cameo for MV


So one of my top Kpop Idol Jay Park  is making a comeback with is new digital single, JOAH.

April 10 2013 his agency revealed his title song, “JOAH” and the music video as well.

This music video was filmed at his hometown in Seattle, Washington.

This song is about a guy who falls instantly in love with a girl. Actress Clara is also featured in the video as a cameo role.

On the other hand, Jay Park will make his comeback performance on April 11 on Mnet “M! Countdown.”  Please watch and show your support for Jay, his love for his career shines through his every performance.




New M/V ‘Jay Park!!!’

So once again if you just have not seen Jay Park’s new M/V by now well here it is!! I absolutely love this guy as an artist, he is really creative in so many ways.


Jay Park releases MV for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2

Jay Park has released the music video for “1HUNNIT” featuring Dok2!

“1HUNNIT” is part of his next single albumJOAH“. The single album will contain the title track, which is of course “JOAH”, in addition to two coupling tracks, “1HUNNIT“ and “Welcome” for a total of three songs that will cover the genres of R&B ballads and hip hop.



source: allkpop