BIGBANG Coming back for the SUMMER of 2014!!


So who is just ready for BIG BANG to come back to us? After their last promotional world tour as a group the guys focus on working with their solo projects for a little while.  But no more waiting for VIPs, on January 26 2014 our fun leader G-Dragon announced that they would be making their comeback as a complete unit by the summer of 2014. He stated that “I feel sorry for our fans as well, and the way to make that feeling disappear is to release an album, and show it to you first”.  Even without the group promoting together their fan base as not suffer, but in the recent months as expanded, keep in mind that BIG BANG as not release an album since 2012’s Alive EP, which led to the successful Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour.  The last complete The last complete Korean studio album by Big Bang 2008.  This would be a great inspiration for an artist anywhere to continued with the love and support of the fans, VIP’s all around the world are holding on strong.

For the upcoming album G-Dragon stated,”We are preparing hard for it. It will be this summer”. If you want to catch up on their activities in between, Big Bang engaged in solo activities in 2013 with G-Dragon and Seungri releasing  complete studio albums, while Daesung released a Japanese album.  Big Bang’s T.O.P and Taeyang witch where dance music based songs for the most part.   G-Dragon looking good as always has been actively promoting his endorsement for the luxury accessory line J.Estina and made headlines while attending the 2014 Paris Fashion Week with Taeyang.

To bring those activities to an end Big Bang reunited to complete a six dome tour in Japan prior to the three 2014 Big Bang +a In Seoul.  During their six dome tour, Big Bang played to an attendance of over 700,000 fans, while their 2014 Big Bang +a In Seoul performances brought in an audience total of 36,000.  The January 17th announcement by YG Entertainment regarding an upcoming YG Family World Tour. If you are a VIP than you already making plans and loosing sleep watching for their tour schedules, but in the mean time watch the guys and WINNERS interact and joking around.


Happy BirthDAY Young-Bae……Forever BigBang VIP!!

Guess what day it is? That’s right Young-Bae’s birthday and all of VIP’s want to wish him a Happy Birthday.  The Ever so smooth BigBang member that always melts your heart.  You know who it is now….Taeyang just celebrated his birthday to gain another year of evolution and much success.

If you are a VIP by now you have figure out that all his fans world-wide gather together on May 18 to celebrate his birthday in all their own ways.  Our ever so sweet taeyang however did request this year for no gifts to be sent to him, but instead to put it to other uses.  He communicated to his fans via  Twitter last month saying, “I realize that places here and there are preparing my birthday present, but I’ll only take your love and thoughts.  🙂  I already have a lot, so I hope you understand and that you use it somewhere else that needs it more than I do.. I’m thankful for all the love you’ve given me, and I’ll respond with good music!!”  He wanted his fans to give back to those who did not have the opportunities he had and really needed  the help.  He his forever a sweetheart in every way from his smile to his heart out Young-Bae.  His generous twitter post made his VIP’s love him even more and wanted to do their best to wish him well.  He as come such a long way that we known he will continue to be true and a great success!  We LOVE YOU Young-Bae stay healthy for many more years to come.





G-Dragon’s ‘MichiGO’ Full of Suggestive Imagery, ‘Will It Meet The Same Censorship As Psy’s ‘Gentleman’?’

G-Dragon-MichiGO-7-659x353G-Dragon, Big Bang leader and musical pioneer, released his bizarre, head-splitting music video for the single “MichiGO” a few days ago and it has already gotten close to 3 million views on YouTube.

Aside from being an interesting track, the video is full of colorful scenery, loud costumes, celebrity guest appearances, and suggestive imagery – much like another YG Family member’s recent single, Psy‘s “Gentleman.”

Last week when “Gentleman” was banned from TV broadcasts for “abuse of public property,” many wondered if that was the only reason.  Psy’s video also contained a lot of sexually explicit scenarios, from pulling off a woman’s bikini top and eating fishcakes in an outdoor restaurant to a obvious panty-shot and gyrating against a lamppost – perhaps these are the real reasons behind the censorship?

So now with G-Dragon‘s latest music video, fans are wondering if he too, will face the conservative state-run TV’s red tape.


Both Psy and GD used “mother-father” in the lyrics in lieu of a more censor-worthy “mother-f***er,” so at the very least, they are safe on the inappropriate language front.  But what about the scenes explicitly suggesting sexual activity?

For beginners, we have a the rapper-singer bouncing on a giant elephant head moving the phallic trunk around between his legs and there are also several scenes of GD gyrating at a urinal.  He can later be seen laying across the laps of two mask-clad adults being spanked, which just happens to coincide with the hook of “feeling good!”  G-Dragon peeks in a bathroom stall and gives the thumbs up and then is shown alongside a woman shaking her cleavage all about.

What’s the big deal?  Not much for western audiences who are used to highly sexualized imagery in pop music, but potentially alarming for South Koreans who tend to be more conservative about such things.

Psy was banned for his “attack” on public property, which may have been a guise for the sexual nature of his “Gentleman” music video.  With no property damage in “MichiGO” it will likely be harder for G-Dragon to face the same sort of censorship.

Perhaps this was YG Entertainment’s idea when they released the video for “MichiGO” long after the song’s LINE debut at the beginning of this month.  Knowing Psy’s international appeal, if he could get away with being so overtly sexual in his video, surely G-Dragon could get away with it too.


Article by kpopstarz



Get Ready…..’New M/V from G-Dragon is less than 2DAYS away!!!!


Anyone beside me waiting for the new M/V from our kpop prince G-Dragon!!  MichiGo MV will release on April 20 at 0 AM KST. Everyone get ready to be dazzle be even more by the kpop wave.   YG also will be making it supper easy for all VIPs to listen to his new single.

His agency YG Entertainment said, “We will be releasing G-Dragon’s new song ‘MichiGO’ through his account (G-DRAGON) for the first time. After going on the line, you purchase the G-DRAGON SPECIAL EDITION sticker and input the sticker information, you can listen to ‘MichiGO.'”

YG said, “The past decade, as online websites developed, it became very convenient to listen to music through our computers. But nowadays, as the number of smart phone users are increasing, it is preferable to have streaming service that lets users listen to music on their phones without having to download it. To cater to this need, YG decided to create this mobile line for the first time.”

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment






If you are not into kpop or have heard about it G-Dragon is the idol to look out for.  With a nickname like ‘The Bad Boy prince of Kpop’ G-Dragon as stand out this year more than any solo artist coming from a group and really show us why he is the leader of BigBang.  He as not only marveled the Korean entertainment industry, but is across worldwide.  With his charismatic grin, amazing since of style, rhymes that can only be master by him continuing from his first solo album he as got it down pack.  Kpopstarz has decided to dedicate in a way you can say their personal time to G-Dragon beginning March 21st.


With the BigBang’s Alive Galaxy World Tour  behind him G-Dragon waisted no time to get back to work on his solo world tour.  In preparation for his tour G-Dragon appeared on SBS’s Thank You and Incarnation showing his natural charismatic leader’s skills and a laid back and fun side.  G-Dragon World Tour: One of a Kind is exactly what is sounds like a true One of a Kind tour.


Fans also receive a surprise when G-dragon release his ne single “MichiGo” and performed in Seoul to kick off his tour.  With more surprises fans are waiting for his first Japanese album that he announce will be release in August.  VIPs have all the treats they could ask from G-Dragon this year with a new single, world tour concerts, and a new Japanese album G-dragon just keep soaring higher and higher for his VIPs.  Keep checking for updates on his concert and activities VIPs because he his far from an average IDOL.




Why I just LOVE G Dragon

So as any kpop fan known by now Big Bang known leader G Dragon started his world tour in Seoul, South Korea.  I have always love this guy style and in my opinion he his a true fashionista and have talent from head to toe.  These pictures to me are just a few looks that really let people see his talent in its true form. He always push me to be different in my own personal way and stay motivated.


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