2NE1 Comeback


As you known by now 2NE1 has officially made their comeback, the group has edgy cool looks to bring fans in. They held their comeback stage on March 9th through SBS’s “Inkigayo” in Deungcheon, SBS Hall.  Performing their title track “COME BACK HOME” and after they also perform “CRUCH”.  The reaction from the fans really show their love for the group and the hard work they perform. The ladies got on stage and show the crowed their high energy, beautiful choreography on stage, and their passion for their songs.

2NE1’s leader CL stated, “Because it’s been 4 years since our last album, completing this first performance in front of our fans was exciting and fun.” She also added, “After preparing extensively for our performance as well as music, we are glad to have been able to show our work through this broadcast for our fans. Also, we are pleased that our dance routine for ‘COME BACK HOME’ was on point especially since Yang Hyun Suk himself choreographed one of the moves.”

Sandara Park stated, “Since it was our first broadcast I was a little bit nervous, but I managed to have fun at the same time. Today is only the beginning; we will show ourselves more frequently from now on through various songs.”

Park Bom added, “It was fun. We have so much more to show our fans! We prepared a lot for this so I am confident for what follows.”

Minzy concluded, “I’m happy that our first broadcast ended successfully. Now that I’m 20 years old this year I plan on displaying a more mature and refreshing image through my performance.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the Ladies progress on their album, performance, and check out how they are doing over seas with fans in the United States.

INFINITE coming back into our hearts

INFINITE is one of our favorite K-pop coming back to us this season, after their world tour ‘One Great Step’ they have released a teaser to announced their official comeback.

“INFINITE COMEBACK TEASER 2014.” With strings action, various dramatic shots in the video you can anticipate a well put together comeback. The news so far is a plan to come back in April, let us hope that we see our guys ready to perform on stage by than.

Check out INFINITE’s very captivating teaser to see what you can look forward to for their comeback.

BIGBANG Coming back for the SUMMER of 2014!!


So who is just ready for BIG BANG to come back to us? After their last promotional world tour as a group the guys focus on working with their solo projects for a little while.  But no more waiting for VIPs, on January 26 2014 our fun leader G-Dragon announced that they would be making their comeback as a complete unit by the summer of 2014. He stated that “I feel sorry for our fans as well, and the way to make that feeling disappear is to release an album, and show it to you first”.  Even without the group promoting together their fan base as not suffer, but in the recent months as expanded, keep in mind that BIG BANG as not release an album since 2012’s Alive EP, which led to the successful Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour.  The last complete The last complete Korean studio album by Big Bang 2008.  This would be a great inspiration for an artist anywhere to continued with the love and support of the fans, VIP’s all around the world are holding on strong.

For the upcoming album G-Dragon stated,”We are preparing hard for it. It will be this summer”. If you want to catch up on their activities in between, Big Bang engaged in solo activities in 2013 with G-Dragon and Seungri releasing  complete studio albums, while Daesung released a Japanese album.  Big Bang’s T.O.P and Taeyang witch where dance music based songs for the most part.   G-Dragon looking good as always has been actively promoting his endorsement for the luxury accessory line J.Estina and made headlines while attending the 2014 Paris Fashion Week with Taeyang.

To bring those activities to an end Big Bang reunited to complete a six dome tour in Japan prior to the three 2014 Big Bang +a In Seoul.  During their six dome tour, Big Bang played to an attendance of over 700,000 fans, while their 2014 Big Bang +a In Seoul performances brought in an audience total of 36,000.  The January 17th announcement by YG Entertainment regarding an upcoming YG Family World Tour. If you are a VIP than you already making plans and loosing sleep watching for their tour schedules, but in the mean time watch the guys and WINNERS interact and joking around.


MBLAQ SOooooooooo….SEXY!!!

MBLAQ(Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, Mir)\'s 5th Album \'SEXY BEAT\' Show Case - June 4, 2013

So Lets show all the LOVE to MBLAQ for coming back with all the love and sexy they are known for.  At their comeback showcase they came on stage with their new moves and songs to wrap us fans all around them all over again.  MBLAQ’s new album ‘SEXY BEAT’ is neo soul and urban music genre, which means just what the tittle states ‘SEXY MUSIC’.  Their new album consists of six songs including the title track ‘Smoky Girl.’  I Can’t wait to see them shine and bring out their best as always, with so much talent that will catch-all of our eyes.  MBLAQ are definitely more than just their looks, talented in every area with multiple ways of showcasing it to their fans.  What can I say with MBLAQ, they came back and not only  impress me just as I thought they would but showed me even more talent.  With their comeback  just a beginning success is reaching out to MBLAQ already.


He is Back in ACTION!!! Jonghyun

When Shinee came back with ‘DreamGirl’ I feel in love al over again with the group only to hear of Jonghyuns injury.  I was really worried that he would be out of commission a lot longer than we could handle.  Guess what fans….he is on his way back any day now.  After not being able to perform with the group due to his nose injury for two months,  he his coming back on the 26th of May.  SM Entertainment has release official news  that Jonghyun will be joining the other four members in a fan event.  Due to his car accident back in April he was absent from the groups promotions and performance.

The group have been looking great onstage with their performance, we also known that they miss Jonghyuns presence.  With his charismatic personality, his colorful look, and just how much his character comes to life, we have all miss him.  Waiting just a few more days and we will have him back and shave Shinee a complete whole.



2PM New Album, ‘GROWN’ Ranks Number 1 on iTunes in 6 Countries


2PM made their comeback with a major splash on the k-pop world, after 2 years of outside promotion they are back with a hit.  Asia iTunes charts in 6 countries ranked them number 1.  They have ranked high not only on domestic charts in Korea but is now also spreading out to iTunes. Yesterday, it was revealed that their new album, GROWN, had ranked number 1 in 6 Asia countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and more. This showed how much interest their comeback was for Asian fans.  After the release of their new album, their new soon title “comeback when you Hear this song” along with other hit songs on their album ranked high on the charts.  Their new album reflects the groups maturity as man and musicians.  Their songs on the album shows fans a whole new side of our beastly Idols, showing a masculine and charismatic vibe.

The Idols are in the mist of receiving an overwhelming respond due to their new image.  They can show their fans more emotions and bring out more experience in their new songs.  2PM stated, “Our hard work and passion was put into making this album. We are so thankful and happy to have not only our fans in Korea, but also from all over the world, supporting and listening to our music.”  JYP Entertainment stated, “They have released their song, ‘Comeback when you hear this Song’ and they will soon be releasing their double title song soon as well. Please keep a look out for the new song.”

They will release the album, GROWN, offline on May 13. They will also air their MBC “2PM Returns” comeback show on May 11.


Hyun Bin, Excited For Comeback, Shares Thoughts on his future plans in Singapore


Hyun Bin recently return from his military duties back in December of 2012 with no news when he came back, fans were waiting for his next venture.  He tells every one of his military duties, the great success he obtained with ‘Secret Garden’, also the next big project he will be taking on.   Now for fans the good news if finally out.  Collaborating with director Lee Jae Gyu on his first directional film debut “king’s Wrath”.  It will take place during the Chosum dynasty era where Hyun Bin will play the role of King Jungjo.  “King’s Wrath” is the first sagaeuk film Hyun Bin has ever taken on, all his fans sure hope that he will take on more of these roles in the future.  In his recent conference in Singapore he revealed the unexpected success of ‘Secret Garden’, his love for acting, and if not acting what he see himself doing.

Check out some translated snippets below:

On the similarities and differences between himself and the “Secret Garden” character:

Hyun Bin: I am not that insensitive or selfish like the character in “Secret Garden”.Like in terms of probably relationship with other people, (like the character) I tend to care for the one I love.

On wanting to become an actor:

Hyun Bin: I took up the dream of acting when I studied theatre in my high school and that’s when I started having the dream of being an actor. And that’s when I went on to study acting in my uni and that’s how it started.

On what he would do if he wasn’t a superstar:

Hyun Bin: Before I took on the dream to be an actor, I honestly wanted to go to the police university. So I would probably be a policeman…

On the most difficult scene he’s ever done:

Hyun Bin: There was this movie called “I’m Happy,” which I think I was involved in, in 2007 or 2008. In terms of understanding the character, I reflected a lot on myself, and it took a lot of time thinking about the movie and the character; it was definitely the most difficult role for me to play.

In the same press conference, Hyun Bin has hinted on his final selection for his comeback film.  He says, “I think you will be seeing me soon. This character will probably involve me having two characters, something like bipolar.” In a much later instance during the press conference in Singapore, he revealed that the choice was narrowed down to this particular character.

Looks like Hyun Bin is up for a challenge in his next project. As reported, his next movie is set to premiere in early 2014. You can catch the Hallyu star making his rounds on his “First Asia Fan Meeting Tour.”