GOT7 Jackson Wang is TOOOO……… SEXY on Stage

So When I first heard that JYP Entertainment was going to bring JJ Project back in a group not as a due I was a little upset because they where really cool duo. As more information came out about them I really did not follow them for the most part. I almost did not watch their new group video ‘Girls Girls Girls’ but ended up watching it but I  must say I did not pay attention that much. I decided after watching the video I would wait and see how they do on stage because it was a lot of acrobatic movements going on that look nice for the most part.

So they debut on Mnet and boy I must say that they really impress me with their dance move on stage. They where good singers, great dancers, and the best part is the move they did in the video where exact on stage. I must say I really love ‘Jackson’ in particular because he has a lot of sex appeal. He looks so into the music and move with so much swag on stage that he just draws my attention. After watching him on Mnet 10th anniversary on 2014.24.07 I just fell all heads over heels with him dancing to ‘Bi Rain’ ‘It’s Raining‘, his body movements, his hip dance, his ownership of the stage is just what you need to watch him all day. The suit look look really sexy on him, a sexy guy never need to take their clothes off to look sexy. The rest of the members look great on stage as well and delivered a memorable performance with Rain ‘How to Escape the Sun’ , ‘Rainism’ along with one of his latest hits ‘La Song’

Look at the guys performing… and look extra hard at my bias ‘JACKSON’

Bi Rain new movies

Rain_1388800590_20140103_Rain_3If you are a ‘Rain’ fan this should be old news, but for those who has not been following him he as made a very nice comeback from promoting himself in South Korea, coming over to the United States, and now he his set to work in China.

He first open up the year with his latest album ‘Rain Effect’ with his two hits ’30 Sexy’ and ‘La Song’ and the fans love the process of making the album because we got to watch it through ‘Rain Effect’.  We got a little look inside of his life, travel with him and got to see him film a number of programs.  He than went over to the United States to film with super action star Bruce Willis in is next Hollywood movie ‘The Prince’. Rain’s previous movies in Hollywood in ‘Speed Racer’ and his lead role in ‘Ninja Assassin’ was a big hit, this new film along side Bruce Willis will be a hit no drought. He will now make his debut as the lead in a Chinese film ‘Hong Yan Lu Shui’ (working Title), with one of China’s most well-known director Xixi Gao. Rain’s character Shui Chung Shuin is the passionate and artistic successor of the largest company in Southeast Asia who experiences the greatness of true love. He will show his chemistry with Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The film’s production crew rep stated, “Rain definitely has star quality to play the main role that will lead the film’s story line. We thought that he suits the smart and artistic character of his role as Shui Chung Shuin so we cast him.”

Filming is schedule to start later this month, so lets cross out finger and stay busy until we can see this hit movie.

Rain & SaRang on Superman is Back

Looks like Rain won Sarang heart when they stop by for a visit during his practice.

If you have not seen ‘Superman is Back’ is back go and watch it now! During this episode Sarang dad took her to visit rain and they got to hang out with each other for a little bit.  Rain got her a Minnie Mouse doll but he still had a way to go to gain her attention. When they finally went to seat down for lunch she was more relax and even smile. If you watch her face she is just falling for Rain and he could not be more excited because he was already in love with her as is actions showed.

Sarang is so lovable that even Rain is going all out for her love by getting her delicious food and showing her his video. In the end they are all just laugh and dinner was a success.

Watch Rain and Sarang fall in love: