Waiting For Block B to comeback?

Who love Block B and has been waiting for their comeback?

The group and Fans alike has been waiting to come back on stage and show off their crazy self and for us to have a ‘Very Good‘ . So what do the guys have in store for us? A fun pink themed image teaser for their mini-album title “H-E-R”

Block B show their fans a cute, cartoonist image teaser.


See all the members in their super ‘PINK’ theme wall and their unique outfits as usual. Watch for the blush on their cheeks, watch each face for an hilarious expressions showing all types of emotions from surprise, confusion, attitude, and even giving off blank stares.

Notice something else fun about the picture? All the guys have more of a boggle head look. This makes the guys look all light-heart witch sets a fun atmosphere in  their teaser.

“H.E.R” is set to drop on July 24th so be sure to stay on the lookout for the guys and their mini-album.

2NE1 Comeback


As you known by now 2NE1 has officially made their comeback, the group has edgy cool looks to bring fans in. They held their comeback stage on March 9th through SBS’s “Inkigayo” in Deungcheon, SBS Hall.  Performing their title track “COME BACK HOME” and after they also perform “CRUCH”.  The reaction from the fans really show their love for the group and the hard work they perform. The ladies got on stage and show the crowed their high energy, beautiful choreography on stage, and their passion for their songs.

2NE1’s leader CL stated, “Because it’s been 4 years since our last album, completing this first performance in front of our fans was exciting and fun.” She also added, “After preparing extensively for our performance as well as music, we are glad to have been able to show our work through this broadcast for our fans. Also, we are pleased that our dance routine for ‘COME BACK HOME’ was on point especially since Yang Hyun Suk himself choreographed one of the moves.”

Sandara Park stated, “Since it was our first broadcast I was a little bit nervous, but I managed to have fun at the same time. Today is only the beginning; we will show ourselves more frequently from now on through various songs.”

Park Bom added, “It was fun. We have so much more to show our fans! We prepared a lot for this so I am confident for what follows.”

Minzy concluded, “I’m happy that our first broadcast ended successfully. Now that I’m 20 years old this year I plan on displaying a more mature and refreshing image through my performance.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the Ladies progress on their album, performance, and check out how they are doing over seas with fans in the United States.

SEUNGRI to appear in “Angel Eyes”

Seung-Ri-seungri-34151935-600-900SEUNGRI confirmed that he will partake in SBS’s new weekend drama “Angel Eyes” (working title) that is to be aired in April.

Related personnel said, “On Feb 27 SEUNGRI participated in the first script reading, working together with other actors like KU HYE SUN, LEE SANG YOON and KANG HA NEUL. They ended the reading on a very good note.”

His character name is Teddy Seo who is a paramedic. A Korean-American who returns to South Korea to become a paramedic and raised by a grandmother from a region that speaks a particular dialect in Korea, he is teased when he speaks Texan English mixed with the dialect. He creates problems by crossing over the line, while also showing an unusual attachment to elderlies with dementia living by themselves.

Alto this will be his first Korean drama, SEUNGRI has been in a Korean movie early on ‘NINETEEN‘ and movie ‘Why did you come to my house’ and you can catch his performance on the Japanese NTV special Drama “Kindaichi Case Files.”

It is always a plus for VIP’s to see BIGBANG perform, so we will be watching for his performance to bring his character to life. This will be worth watching to see not only the characters but the story line develop.

“Angel Eyes” is a love story between a couple that separated due to heart-aching family history, reuniting after 12 years.  It is a work of producer Choi Mun Suk who directed “Only You” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?” and the scriptwriter Yoon Ji Ryun who wrote “Boys Over Flowers” and “Prose Plan”, which will be aired in April as a follow-up of “The Woman Who Married Three Times.”

JYP Entertainment Audition


What do JY Park, GOT7, 2PM all have in common?  they are all artist of the JYP Entertainment company.  Now you have a chance to be part of this company. Get ready to audition. ‘JYP Entertainment is looking for new talent as they recently revealed a poster for an audition entitled ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition.’

On February 25, the agency said, “We will be opening the ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition’ on April 5 for only those in their teens.” You have to have been born in the year 1996 to 2003, they are looking for trainees if you can tell.

Auditions will be at the JYP training center in Cheongdamdong while the application fields include vocals, dance, acting, modeling, and MC/VJ-ing.

JYP Entertainment said, “We are opening the ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition’ in order to select those capable of taking responsibility for the future of JYP Entertainment, which produced 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, miss A, Got7, and other artists that received love not only in Korea but also overseas.  We look forward to teenagers who are overflowing with talents and passion to charismatically take on this challenge.

The best of luck to all the brave ones taking part in this audition and venturing into the music business!

2PM! soon will be back in action HOTTEST


What time is it? 2PM!! that right HOTTES they are working on bringing their sexy back. They are hard at work on their new songs to come back to us. The goal is for them to come back in the first half of 2014 with their new songs, so we can only hope. But as JYP as said in their statements the date has not been decided by the agency yet.

‘According to an exclusive report by Sports Korea, the specific month that the group seems to be aiming for is April.’ However, JYP Entertainment denied that they have decided on April, commenting to Osen, “They are preparing for their comeback, but there are a lot of things they still need to do like fine tuning the schedule.  Our goal is to have a comeback in the early half of the year.” Another rep from the agency told Sports Seoul, “The rumors about 2PM’s comeback being set for April are not true as nothing has been decided yet… It’s true 2PM is currently working on selecting songs, but we haven’t yet decided on the title track or the specific time period of comeback.”

Right now the guys of 2PM is having an arena tour in Japan while Wooyoung is also appearing on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘. With everyone having their program schedule however it seem Taecyeon‘s drama KBS‘s ‘Very Good Days‘ will be the big one they have to  work around, it would be difficult for him to simultaneously act and promote their new songs at the same time. One thing we known is that when ever they comeback we will be ready to support them like we have in the past.

Especially if they keep coming out with songs like:

Lee Seung Gi MAMA 2013

Staying up to watch MAMA 2013 live was not just entertaining but so worth the wait.  I am a HUGE ‘VIP’ and BIGBANG will always be NUMBER ‘1’ to me, however this year the one performance that took over for me was Lee Seung Gi with ‘Return’.  His performance started out with a full orchestra which I love because I play the violin so I was all in already.  After the intro You have Lee come out the floor with a GORGEOUS suit on, he looked amazing, I mean he not only look manly but just beyond handsome, when they say it’s the man who make the suit, looking at him you can tell if that suit was on any other man he would not have done it justice.  The most important thing that Had me falling all in love with him all over again I have to say is how sweet his voice sounded.  I don’t think I have ever heard anyone sing so sweet for a VERY long time.  No one deserve that ‘Best Vocal Performance Male’ award at MAMA2013,  he showed his amazing vocal skill with is ballad performance that everyone was beyond mesmerize by when watching him.    I am so glad now that everyone can see how handsome Lee Seung Gi look just like I have seeing him in the past.  He is indeed a triple treat when it comes in being a Hallyu-wave star in my book, I wish him only the best and keep doing what he truly love.