Drama ‘Gabdongi’ Lee Joon, Kim Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, and more…


New Thriller K-Drama to Begin Airing on tvN on April 11, I have been waiting for a few months now to see Lee Joon in a new drama and looks like it will be coming soon.  The posters are out with the main cast and it looks really good. I have watch Sung Dong Il in ‘Run away Plan B’ and I loved him so much, his acting really got me into action dramas so I am expecting great things. I have also watch Lee Joon acting in Ninja Assassin, he also recently was in the movie ‘Rough Play’ and other dramas so I am really happy he is pursuing an acting career.  I can’t wait to see this character he is playing to see him come out and be a partner with Yoon Sang-hyeon to show a powerful duo. This drama will be airing on Friday and Saturday at 8:50 PM on April 11, so a perfect time to watch it over the weekend.

About the drama:

Starring the leader of hit K-Pop boy group MBLAQ, Lee Joon, “Gabdong – Memories of Murder” is a 20-episode mystery thriller about a series of murders which occurred over 20 years ago in a virtual city. Detective Ha Moo-yeom (Yoon Sang-hyeon), whose father was falsely accused as the serial murder suspect Gabdong, chases after the true murderer among various people of suspicious backgrounds. For his part, Lee Joon plays a barista who remains calm outwardly, but dangerously conceals his psychopathic personality.

Starting Characters: Yoon Sang-hyeon, Seong Dong-il, Kim Min-jeong, Lee Joon, Kim Ji-won-I, Jeong In-gi,…

Bi Rain new movies

Rain_1388800590_20140103_Rain_3If you are a ‘Rain’ fan this should be old news, but for those who has not been following him he as made a very nice comeback from promoting himself in South Korea, coming over to the United States, and now he his set to work in China.

He first open up the year with his latest album ‘Rain Effect’ with his two hits ’30 Sexy’ and ‘La Song’ and the fans love the process of making the album because we got to watch it through ‘Rain Effect’.  We got a little look inside of his life, travel with him and got to see him film a number of programs.  He than went over to the United States to film with super action star Bruce Willis in is next Hollywood movie ‘The Prince’. Rain’s previous movies in Hollywood in ‘Speed Racer’ and his lead role in ‘Ninja Assassin’ was a big hit, this new film along side Bruce Willis will be a hit no drought. He will now make his debut as the lead in a Chinese film ‘Hong Yan Lu Shui’ (working Title), with one of China’s most well-known director Xixi Gao. Rain’s character Shui Chung Shuin is the passionate and artistic successor of the largest company in Southeast Asia who experiences the greatness of true love. He will show his chemistry with Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The film’s production crew rep stated, “Rain definitely has star quality to play the main role that will lead the film’s story line. We thought that he suits the smart and artistic character of his role as Shui Chung Shuin so we cast him.”

Filming is schedule to start later this month, so lets cross out finger and stay busy until we can see this hit movie.

SEUNGRI to appear in “Angel Eyes”

Seung-Ri-seungri-34151935-600-900SEUNGRI confirmed that he will partake in SBS’s new weekend drama “Angel Eyes” (working title) that is to be aired in April.

Related personnel said, “On Feb 27 SEUNGRI participated in the first script reading, working together with other actors like KU HYE SUN, LEE SANG YOON and KANG HA NEUL. They ended the reading on a very good note.”

His character name is Teddy Seo who is a paramedic. A Korean-American who returns to South Korea to become a paramedic and raised by a grandmother from a region that speaks a particular dialect in Korea, he is teased when he speaks Texan English mixed with the dialect. He creates problems by crossing over the line, while also showing an unusual attachment to elderlies with dementia living by themselves.

Alto this will be his first Korean drama, SEUNGRI has been in a Korean movie early on ‘NINETEEN‘ and movie ‘Why did you come to my house’ and you can catch his performance on the Japanese NTV special Drama “Kindaichi Case Files.”

It is always a plus for VIP’s to see BIGBANG perform, so we will be watching for his performance to bring his character to life. This will be worth watching to see not only the characters but the story line develop.

“Angel Eyes” is a love story between a couple that separated due to heart-aching family history, reuniting after 12 years.  It is a work of producer Choi Mun Suk who directed “Only You” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?” and the scriptwriter Yoon Ji Ryun who wrote “Boys Over Flowers” and “Prose Plan”, which will be aired in April as a follow-up of “The Woman Who Married Three Times.”

Hallyu 101: The Big Three Agencies (Part 2 – SM Entertainment)

So lets keep following the tread now, you known about YG entertainment and all their big acts.  Now lets talk about number 2 SM Town, they have some of my other favorites of k-pop.


The Big Three

If you’ve been following any of the major groups, like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, or 2PM, you’ve undoubtedly come across the phrase “the big three” before.  It is used to reference the three biggest, and most popular, entertainment agencies in South Korea – YG, SM, and JYP.

SM Entertainment

  • Founded: 1989 by Lee Soo-man (founding chairman)
  • Notable Acts: Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, BoA, TVXQ, f(x)
  • Known for: producing many of the ‘original’ idol groups, starting/leading the hallyu wave
  • Official website (English): SM Town
  • Official YouTube: SMEntertainment

SM Entertainment is home to some of the largest, and most iconic, idol groups of the past and present and has long been considered the company responsible for starting the Korean Wave and spreading K-Pop throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Like YG Entertainment, the founder, Lee Soo-man, was once a singer himself.  In the 1970s, he had begun to make a name for himself in the then struggling Korean entertainment industry, his group Lee Soo-man and 365 Days became the nation’s first heavy metal band.

After his own career failed to really take off, and spending some time in the US in the 1980’s, Lee Soo-man returned home with the idea that he would “replicate US Entertainment in Korea” and started SM Entertainment.  The company’s original namesake was its founder, but has since changed the name to Star Museum.

In the mid-90s, after doing a bit of market research, Lee Soo-man created what is considered to be the first idol groups in Korea, boy band H.O.T and girl group S.E.S.  The success of the groups was unrivaled and led to the creation of other extremely popular groups like Shinhwa.

The 2000s brought even more groups, and much more success and notoriety for SM Entertainment, specifically with the creation of the very large, very popular groups Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.  Together, the acts under SM Entertainment are known as SM Town.

While there have been a handful of controversies surrounding the label over the years, namely contract disputes, SM Entertainment still maintains its high position in the industry and has a tremendous earning power and global recognition.

Hallyu 101: Lesson 1 – The Korean Wave

So last year I found a new love and it was ‘Love at First site’ with “BIGBANG” kpop group.  I was on youtube and saw their video ‘Fantastic Baby’ and I just had to known about the K-pop world.  If you are like me as a new fan and VIP you really did not know anything to begin with.  I had to learn a whole new lingo, culture, and language to get in touch with my Idols.  With this article on kpostarz I believe some of the new fans and the older generation will be able to get more in touch with the k-pop world.  So lets get started with lesson number 1!

Okay, so you know how to dance “Gangnam Style.”  You remember Stephen Colbert’s feud with Rain.  You watched Girls’ Generation on The Late Show with David Letterman.  And you are interested in knowing more about K-Pop and Korean pop culture.  You’ve come to the right place.

Hallyu 101 is a beginner’s guide to all things related to the global phenomenon that is K-Pop.  It is meant as a reference guide for old and new fans so that they may more easily enjoy Korean music, movies, and television.

Lesson 1: Just what is “hallyu” and the Korean wave?

Hallyu is a Korean word that represents the idea of Korean culture spreading around the world.  It is a combination of two words, ‘han,’ the quality of being Korean, and ‘ryu’ which means “to flow.”  Put them together and you have what is more commonly known as the “Korean Wave.”

There are several elements involved in the Korean Wave including music (K-Pop), fashion, movies, animation, television (K-drama and variety shows), as well as language and food.

Author and scholar Mark Ravina described ‘hallyu’ as “a surge in the international visibility of Korean culture” in his Introduction: Conceptualizing the Korean Wave.

When the Korean wave really started to kick off in the late 1990’s, Korean entertainment and culture primarily spread to other parts of Asia.  However, in the last five years or so, it has seen a greater presence in other parts of the world as well.

After the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the economy of South Korea began to move away from manufacturing and placed a lot more emphasis on the entertainment industries.  A year later, the restriction on cultural imports from Japan was lifted, and worried about Japanese media flooding South Korea, the Ministry of Culture increased the budget for cultural industry departments in universities throughout the nation.

This elaborate system directly led to the thriving cultural technology industry of South Korea which today exports media and entertainment globally at an alarming rate.

During the 2000s, Korean television series began to fill the Asian markets and by the end of the decade K-Pop had pretty much dominated the Asian music scene.

The Korean Wave began to spread outside of Asia in 2009, thanks in large part to YouTube.  Korean artists saw a huge rise in their international popularity through the release of their music videos on the popular website.

By the end of 2011, K-Pop videos on YouTube had amassed more than two billion views, and a year later the world was introduced to perhaps the most recognizable example of the hallyu wave, Psy‘s “Gangnam Style.”  Not only was it the first video to receive more than a billion online views, but “Gangnam Style” thrust the Korean Wave into the previously impenetrable American market.

In February 2000, Korean boy band H.O.T became the first modern K-Pop artist to perform overseas and held a sold-out concert in Beijing.  Since then, there has been a steady increase in international concerts by Korean singers, and in the past two years there have been some major milestones in this aspect.

In 2011 the European market began to take notice of the Korean Wave.  SM Entertainment, one of the biggest record labels in South Korea, held the first large-scale K-Pop concert in France and the event was attended by fans from all across Europe.  Later that year the group Big Bang won an MTV Europe Music Award, the first major European music award given to an artist from South Korea.

And just this year, dance-pop group Super Junior became the first to hold a concert tour across South America for sold out shows in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

As more and more Korean artists focus their promotional activities overseas, recognition in world markets increases.  The South Korean government recognizes the power of the Korean Wave in spreading other exports from the country as well.

Earlier this year, the Export-Import Bank of Korea made an astonishing decision to increase loans an credit guarantees worth over $900 million in the next few years to further spread the Korean Wave internationally.  A spokesperson for the bank said that K-Pop, K-dramas, and Korean cuisine have huge growth potential worldwide and more investment and financial support was needed.

Hallyu has also contributed to the increase in tourism to South Korea.

While it seems that the Korean Wave is spreading like wild-fire for the time being, some scholars have noted that it may be a short-lived fad.  According to an international survey that asked people across Asia, Europe and the Americas about the future Korean culture’s popularity in the world, over 66% of respondents believe that the Korean Wave will “subside in the next four years.”

The US market remains the toughest for the Korean entertainment industry to crack.  The popularity of K-Pop and Korean television and movies, for the time being, remains confined to large cities with thriving immigrant populations such as New York City and Los Angeles.

One American music executive suggested K-Pop will never truly succeed in the United States because music fans “would just be too critical about the lyrics and the acts’ accents when singing in English.”

Whatever the future of the Korean Wave may be, it is for certain that at the moment hallyu stars are rising to fame and recognition all around the world.



‘2PM Zone’ New Help in Gangnam for struggling Teens


‘2PM Zone’ to Open in Gangnam to Help Struggling Teens In the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo subway station in Gangnam, ‘2PM Zone’ has been opened.

For all the 2PM fans out there see what our beastly Idols are up to.  In the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo subway station in Gangnam, ‘2PM Zone’ has been opened.  On May 2, JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM Zone will open by Rodeo subway station today with members of 2PM in attendance.”  Part of this venture is part of Gangnam’s region-wide project in helping struggling teens in partnership K-pop artists.  The main goal in this project will be to raise financial means to help provide monetary support to teens from broken families.  The official name of the venue is 2PM-G+ Star Zone, with much hope in different activities in help this project is sure to make a difference.


Gangnam province stated that “2PM has been in the center of K-pop wave with their successful tours around Asia and were therefore an excellent group artist put forth as the first of many celebrities to follow in this long-term project.” The center is featuring life-size photographs and video clips of 2PM members in ‘Stage Zone’, with many different ways to put an effort like a “Donation Zone”.  Also featuring a number of ways to entertain like hand printing, mini café, etc. 2PM Zone will be available until the end of July.  In the mean time our Idols are gearing up to make their comeback with their new album on May 6.  All 2PM fans out there get ready, the wait is just about over.