SBS [2013가요대전] – 씨엔블루(CNBLUE) ‘Im sorry’ It was amazing!

I have seen a number of K-POP artist bands and they have had some good performances.  I have to say hands down I finally watch a band perform that I though was just all rock stars!  Starting with their music which I love CNBlUE ‘I’m Sorry’ was amazing! I have always enjoy the video but I have to say their SBS Gayo award performance just made me a supper CNBLUE fan girl.  I mean the band was just rocking and so much energy, than had Jung Yong Hwa was just making all the girls FALL-IN-LOVE with all the kisses he was blowing at them.  Check out when he goes on the end of the stage in the front and really get personal with his fans.  I mean if you don’t known CNBLUE check out their performance and go check out their videos plus they are coming to the US on tour.  They will be in New York, NY at the Best Buy theater on January 21, 2014- At Pasadena Civic Auditorium Pasadena, CA on January 24, 2014- and Mexico City, Mexico on January 26, 2014 at the Pepsi Center WTC if you are in Mexico.  Go check them out and get a very exciting performance that you will enjoy, and see some sexy guys! How can you resist their charms and just the energy is so catching you just have to get into it.

Check out their SBS Gayo performance SBS [2013가요대전] – 씨엔블루(CNBLUE) ‘Im sorry’ it will be fun to watch I promise

Lee Seung Gi MAMA 2013

Staying up to watch MAMA 2013 live was not just entertaining but so worth the wait.  I am a HUGE ‘VIP’ and BIGBANG will always be NUMBER ‘1’ to me, however this year the one performance that took over for me was Lee Seung Gi with ‘Return’.  His performance started out with a full orchestra which I love because I play the violin so I was all in already.  After the intro You have Lee come out the floor with a GORGEOUS suit on, he looked amazing, I mean he not only look manly but just beyond handsome, when they say it’s the man who make the suit, looking at him you can tell if that suit was on any other man he would not have done it justice.  The most important thing that Had me falling all in love with him all over again I have to say is how sweet his voice sounded.  I don’t think I have ever heard anyone sing so sweet for a VERY long time.  No one deserve that ‘Best Vocal Performance Male’ award at MAMA2013,  he showed his amazing vocal skill with is ballad performance that everyone was beyond mesmerize by when watching him.    I am so glad now that everyone can see how handsome Lee Seung Gi look just like I have seeing him in the past.  He is indeed a triple treat when it comes in being a Hallyu-wave star in my book, I wish him only the best and keep doing what he truly love.

Daesung & Taro Hakase…..A Powerful Duo!!

Great news coming for all Bigbang’s Daesung VIPs, his first Japanese single ‘I Love You’ will be coming out in July 2013.  Daesung is mention to collaborate with world-class violinist Taro Hakase.  Upon promoting overseas, Daesung’s went out to set a record by rising to second on Oricon’s weekly with his Japanese album ‘D’scover’.  Daesung is known for his powerful vocal, but he always wants to improve so he is a little worried about his appearance with Taro, Daesung commented, ” There is a lot of pressure because Youozaki Yutaka’s ‘I Love You’ is already very famous and well-loved but I challenged the song because I like it a lot.”  All his VIPs know that great success will come with him teaming up with Hakase.  With ‘I Love You’ being a huge hit already in Korea back in 2000 when it was preformed by singer Position’s version.  Daesung’s  version will be used in a Japanese drama title ‘I Love You’.

Daesung continued about his collaboration with Taro Hakase, ” I am very honored a new ‘I Love You’ has been created with the good harmony between my voice and Hakase’s violin.”  With a statement like that we can only imagine how beautiful this duo will be, voice and instrument harmonizing together.  Remembering Hakase collaboration of ‘To Love You More’ with Celine Dion, two powerhouse always deliver an amazing performance.


The k-pop group INFINITE are at their 3rd anniversary since debut, and what a more fitting way to celebrate than with their fans.  This time they are going around the world, holding a large-scale world tour.  At the MCUBE press conference, the guys revealed their plans for their ‘One Great Step’ world tour.  All their fans should get ready starting August 9-10 they will begin in Seoul and move on over to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore.  U.S.A. fans should get excited to and stay on the lookout for them in November when they head over to L.A. and New York.  After they leave the U.S.A. they will than be heading over to Peru, London, and then France.  With a total of 10 countries and 20 cities add performance over 30 times.  With tour dates set to keep them on the road until January of next year, with the a prediction of meeting over 250,000 fans.

Dreaming will always show you possibilities in the near future for the INFINITE members it looks like.  Even before they where famous INFINITE was dreaming big, not just performing in South, Korea but yes a world tour.  Back in 2010 when they debut as part of a lesser known entertainment group, the guys where not famous.  It only took them a short period of time to grow into the well-known group they are today.  With so much talent between them and a drive for success, they where a success already.  With their beautiful choreography in every performance is a treat, not to mention their fun beats to go along with it.  Japan as already shown their love for INFINITE when they held their arena tour.

The members stated that their purpose for this tour is to spread the world of K-Pop, to show everyone what they have to offer.  With so much love and growth of K-Pop going on around the world, they are sure to receive many warm welcomes from their fans.


MBLAQ SOooooooooo….SEXY!!!

MBLAQ(Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, Mir)\'s 5th Album \'SEXY BEAT\' Show Case - June 4, 2013

So Lets show all the LOVE to MBLAQ for coming back with all the love and sexy they are known for.  At their comeback showcase they came on stage with their new moves and songs to wrap us fans all around them all over again.  MBLAQ’s new album ‘SEXY BEAT’ is neo soul and urban music genre, which means just what the tittle states ‘SEXY MUSIC’.  Their new album consists of six songs including the title track ‘Smoky Girl.’  I Can’t wait to see them shine and bring out their best as always, with so much talent that will catch-all of our eyes.  MBLAQ are definitely more than just their looks, talented in every area with multiple ways of showcasing it to their fans.  What can I say with MBLAQ, they came back and not only  impress me just as I thought they would but showed me even more talent.  With their comeback  just a beginning success is reaching out to MBLAQ already.


He is Back in ACTION!!! Jonghyun

When Shinee came back with ‘DreamGirl’ I feel in love al over again with the group only to hear of Jonghyuns injury.  I was really worried that he would be out of commission a lot longer than we could handle.  Guess what fans….he is on his way back any day now.  After not being able to perform with the group due to his nose injury for two months,  he his coming back on the 26th of May.  SM Entertainment has release official news  that Jonghyun will be joining the other four members in a fan event.  Due to his car accident back in April he was absent from the groups promotions and performance.

The group have been looking great onstage with their performance, we also known that they miss Jonghyuns presence.  With his charismatic personality, his colorful look, and just how much his character comes to life, we have all miss him.  Waiting just a few more days and we will have him back and shave Shinee a complete whole.