Taeyang Dancing Machine


Ever wanted to dance? well over the years many have turn dancing into a beautiful art form.  They have created moves, choreograph amazing shows, and have dance from their soul.  When you watch them dance you can’t help but want to move yourself, you want to learn how to move just as smooth. I have always enjoy music and even play an instrument, dancing is just another art that I really enjoy.

One of the latest dance sensation over the past couple of years if BIBBANG’s Taeyang.  When he dance it is more than putting moves to a song, he literally make it look as if every note is flowing though his body. Over the years his dancing just keep improving, he has come up with new and creative ways to stand out. If you are a fan of dancing you should definitely check him out. Taeyang loves to dance and you can see it in everything he does.  This is more than a career when it comes to him, it is a passion that will only grow for the years to come.

Check out some of his videos to see his dance moves:

Bi Rain new movies

Rain_1388800590_20140103_Rain_3If you are a ‘Rain’ fan this should be old news, but for those who has not been following him he as made a very nice comeback from promoting himself in South Korea, coming over to the United States, and now he his set to work in China.

He first open up the year with his latest album ‘Rain Effect’ with his two hits ’30 Sexy’ and ‘La Song’ and the fans love the process of making the album because we got to watch it through ‘Rain Effect’.  We got a little look inside of his life, travel with him and got to see him film a number of programs.  He than went over to the United States to film with super action star Bruce Willis in is next Hollywood movie ‘The Prince’. Rain’s previous movies in Hollywood in ‘Speed Racer’ and his lead role in ‘Ninja Assassin’ was a big hit, this new film along side Bruce Willis will be a hit no drought. He will now make his debut as the lead in a Chinese film ‘Hong Yan Lu Shui’ (working Title), with one of China’s most well-known director Xixi Gao. Rain’s character Shui Chung Shuin is the passionate and artistic successor of the largest company in Southeast Asia who experiences the greatness of true love. He will show his chemistry with Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The film’s production crew rep stated, “Rain definitely has star quality to play the main role that will lead the film’s story line. We thought that he suits the smart and artistic character of his role as Shui Chung Shuin so we cast him.”

Filming is schedule to start later this month, so lets cross out finger and stay busy until we can see this hit movie.

Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang latest donation

Chu-Sung-Hoon-and-his-daughter-1Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Choo Sarang are definitely making waves since they have been in ‘Superman Return’.  A new endorsement deal was recently one of their projects, becoming the endorsement modes for the children’s bandage brand ‘EasyDerm’.  These two always look great on anything they do and will just look adorable together yet again.

His agency Bonboo Entertainment told TV Report on March 4, “The ‘Choovely’ father and daughter recently decided to donate their entire earnings from their endorsement deal with ‘Daewoong Pharmaceutical’ to multicultural families.”

Choo Sung Hoon shared, “I am very joyful to become endorsement models for ‘EasyDerm’, which is definitely needed to treat children’s wounds, together with my lovely daughter… As we started this for a good cause, we donated the entire modeling earnings to children of multicultural families and want to take part in various activities.”

As you all have seen about his life Choo Sung Hoon has a multiracial family, this may give him a better insight on those other families and it is really special that he along with his adorable daughter show their love for families in need.  It is always a big help to the community when a celebrity that people love and follow show concern and lend a helping hand to the people who needs it.  This in the future can help their fans be more generous and look at the people around them with a kinder heart. If your favorite celebrity is landing a helping hand you can follow suit and help in every little way that you can, the gesture is all they ask. When they work hard and donate things like money and food you can along side donate something simple like your time to an orphanage or shelter.

These two will always be in our hearts, not only do they look adorable together but they warm our hearts with their generosities for others.

INFINITE coming back into our hearts

INFINITE is one of our favorite K-pop coming back to us this season, after their world tour ‘One Great Step’ they have released a teaser to announced their official comeback.

“INFINITE COMEBACK TEASER 2014.” With strings action, various dramatic shots in the video you can anticipate a well put together comeback. The news so far is a plan to come back in April, let us hope that we see our guys ready to perform on stage by than.

Check out INFINITE’s very captivating teaser to see what you can look forward to for their comeback.

SEUNGRI to appear in “Angel Eyes”

Seung-Ri-seungri-34151935-600-900SEUNGRI confirmed that he will partake in SBS’s new weekend drama “Angel Eyes” (working title) that is to be aired in April.

Related personnel said, “On Feb 27 SEUNGRI participated in the first script reading, working together with other actors like KU HYE SUN, LEE SANG YOON and KANG HA NEUL. They ended the reading on a very good note.”

His character name is Teddy Seo who is a paramedic. A Korean-American who returns to South Korea to become a paramedic and raised by a grandmother from a region that speaks a particular dialect in Korea, he is teased when he speaks Texan English mixed with the dialect. He creates problems by crossing over the line, while also showing an unusual attachment to elderlies with dementia living by themselves.

Alto this will be his first Korean drama, SEUNGRI has been in a Korean movie early on ‘NINETEEN‘ and movie ‘Why did you come to my house’ and you can catch his performance on the Japanese NTV special Drama “Kindaichi Case Files.”

It is always a plus for VIP’s to see BIGBANG perform, so we will be watching for his performance to bring his character to life. This will be worth watching to see not only the characters but the story line develop.

“Angel Eyes” is a love story between a couple that separated due to heart-aching family history, reuniting after 12 years.  It is a work of producer Choi Mun Suk who directed “Only You” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?” and the scriptwriter Yoon Ji Ryun who wrote “Boys Over Flowers” and “Prose Plan”, which will be aired in April as a follow-up of “The Woman Who Married Three Times.”

Rain & SaRang on Superman is Back

Looks like Rain won Sarang heart when they stop by for a visit during his practice.

If you have not seen ‘Superman is Back’ is back go and watch it now! During this episode Sarang dad took her to visit rain and they got to hang out with each other for a little bit.  Rain got her a Minnie Mouse doll but he still had a way to go to gain her attention. When they finally went to seat down for lunch she was more relax and even smile. If you watch her face she is just falling for Rain and he could not be more excited because he was already in love with her as is actions showed.

Sarang is so lovable that even Rain is going all out for her love by getting her delicious food and showing her his video. In the end they are all just laugh and dinner was a success.

Watch Rain and Sarang fall in love:

The ‘Japan Gold Disc Award 2014’

The winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2014” are officially out. The “Japan Gold Disc Awards” is headed by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). This award was first started back in 1987 to show recognition to amazing artist and their works that contributed to the recording industry. These awards are presented to artist base on their actual sales number. Looking over K-POP for the 28th edition data collected data from November 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013 was utilized to rank them.

Check out the Korean winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2014” below! Look to see if your favorite made it on the list and was recognized for their talents. These artist all work hard to do what they love, it is always nice to see them getting recognize by the top professionals in the industry.  This also show the love the fans have for them in regards to how they support their songs, concerts, and other projects they work on. Do not worry if your favorite did not make it on the list because there is always next year for them to be recognized and look at it this way it gives them time to really master their arts.

Best Asian Artist


Best 3 New Artists (Asia)


Seo In GukSeo-In-Guk_1393208024_20140223_seoinguk_bnt5

New artist of the year (world)


Album of the Year (Asia)

TVXQ – ‘Time’

Best 3 Albums (Asia)

Girls’ Generation II – ‘Girls & Peace~’


Girls’ Generation – ‘Love & Peace’

TVXQ – ‘Time’

Song of The Year Downloads (ASIA)

TVXQ – “Catch Me If You Wanna

Best Music Video (Asia)

TVXQ – Live Tour 2013 ‘Time’

With TVXQ taking home pretty much all the GOLD you should catch their latest video :

TVXQ! 동방신기_수리수리 (Spellbound)