Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang latest donation

Chu-Sung-Hoon-and-his-daughter-1Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Choo Sarang are definitely making waves since they have been in ‘Superman Return’.  A new endorsement deal was recently one of their projects, becoming the endorsement modes for the children’s bandage brand ‘EasyDerm’.  These two always look great on anything they do and will just look adorable together yet again.

His agency Bonboo Entertainment told TV Report on March 4, “The ‘Choovely’ father and daughter recently decided to donate their entire earnings from their endorsement deal with ‘Daewoong Pharmaceutical’ to multicultural families.”

Choo Sung Hoon shared, “I am very joyful to become endorsement models for ‘EasyDerm’, which is definitely needed to treat children’s wounds, together with my lovely daughter… As we started this for a good cause, we donated the entire modeling earnings to children of multicultural families and want to take part in various activities.”

As you all have seen about his life Choo Sung Hoon has a multiracial family, this may give him a better insight on those other families and it is really special that he along with his adorable daughter show their love for families in need.  It is always a big help to the community when a celebrity that people love and follow show concern and lend a helping hand to the people who needs it.  This in the future can help their fans be more generous and look at the people around them with a kinder heart. If your favorite celebrity is landing a helping hand you can follow suit and help in every little way that you can, the gesture is all they ask. When they work hard and donate things like money and food you can along side donate something simple like your time to an orphanage or shelter.

These two will always be in our hearts, not only do they look adorable together but they warm our hearts with their generosities for others.

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