‘The Superman Return’ families

superman is back

Two weeks ago I found this show by accident and I must say it was a pleasant one. I was on YouTube and notice mixed martial artist, Choo Sung Hoon. The show “Superman Returns” or also known as “Superman is Back” was definitely worth watching. I only known two of the families from previously, I first watch Choo Sung Hoon before in  MyName 마이네임 – Baby I’m Sorry 베이비 아임 소리 [Official Music Video] and had no ideal he had a dauther. Their was a big difference from that guy to Choo Sarang dad, Than there is Tablo from Epik High he was all swag on stage the first time I saw him at MAMA 2012. He recently join the cast to show is fatherly skills, the other two dads I really just started learning about them. All the families are really fun to watch, the dads and their kids have so much fun, but MC Lee Hwi Jae have his hands full with his twins.

Lee Hwi Jae’s love for his twin sons are undeniable, he does so much for those babies and really want them to have all the opportunities in life. Choo Sung Hoon and Sarang have their own world they live in and it is all about having fun, eating well, and enjoying each others company everyday. Their love is so beautiful to watch, how can you not fall in love with them. Actor Jang Hyun Sung is so good with his boys, he works hard to teach them how to be a responsible man and he is always cooking for them even when the food is not always done how the instruction say. Than you have Tablo that is just trying to survive all this, he is really learning about Haru and figuring out her day-to-day personality. He is doing so well and learning so much about her and himself along the way.

Catch actor Jang Hyun Sung, MC Lee Hwi Jae, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon, and Epik High’s Tablo do their best at being a dad for 48 hours free of their wife’s help with the kids. Show your love by watching these families and also have fun, ‘Superman Return’ FIGHTING!!!!

Watch the first episode:

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