The ‘Japan Gold Disc Award 2014’

The winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2014” are officially out. The “Japan Gold Disc Awards” is headed by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). This award was first started back in 1987 to show recognition to amazing artist and their works that contributed to the recording industry. These awards are presented to artist base on their actual sales number. Looking over K-POP for the 28th edition data collected data from November 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013 was utilized to rank them.

Check out the Korean winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2014” below! Look to see if your favorite made it on the list and was recognized for their talents. These artist all work hard to do what they love, it is always nice to see them getting recognize by the top professionals in the industry.  This also show the love the fans have for them in regards to how they support their songs, concerts, and other projects they work on. Do not worry if your favorite did not make it on the list because there is always next year for them to be recognized and look at it this way it gives them time to really master their arts.

Best Asian Artist


Best 3 New Artists (Asia)


Seo In GukSeo-In-Guk_1393208024_20140223_seoinguk_bnt5

New artist of the year (world)


Album of the Year (Asia)

TVXQ – ‘Time’

Best 3 Albums (Asia)

Girls’ Generation II – ‘Girls & Peace~’


Girls’ Generation – ‘Love & Peace’

TVXQ – ‘Time’

Song of The Year Downloads (ASIA)

TVXQ – “Catch Me If You Wanna

Best Music Video (Asia)

TVXQ – Live Tour 2013 ‘Time’

With TVXQ taking home pretty much all the GOLD you should catch their latest video :

TVXQ! 동방신기_수리수리 (Spellbound)


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