Rain & SaRang on Superman is Back

Looks like Rain won Sarang heart when they stop by for a visit during his practice.

If you have not seen ‘Superman is Back’ is back go and watch it now! During this episode Sarang dad took her to visit rain and they got to hang out with each other for a little bit.  Rain got her a Minnie Mouse doll but he still had a way to go to gain her attention. When they finally went to seat down for lunch she was more relax and even smile. If you watch her face she is just falling for Rain and he could not be more excited because he was already in love with her as is actions showed.

Sarang is so lovable that even Rain is going all out for her love by getting her delicious food and showing her his video. In the end they are all just laugh and dinner was a success.

Watch Rain and Sarang fall in love:

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