JYP Entertainment Audition


What do JY Park, GOT7, 2PM all have in common?  they are all artist of the JYP Entertainment company.  Now you have a chance to be part of this company. Get ready to audition. ‘JYP Entertainment is looking for new talent as they recently revealed a poster for an audition entitled ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition.’

On February 25, the agency said, “We will be opening the ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition’ on April 5 for only those in their teens.” You have to have been born in the year 1996 to 2003, they are looking for trainees if you can tell.

Auditions will be at the JYP training center in Cheongdamdong while the application fields include vocals, dance, acting, modeling, and MC/VJ-ing.

JYP Entertainment said, “We are opening the ‘2014 JYP Dream Teen Audition’ in order to select those capable of taking responsibility for the future of JYP Entertainment, which produced 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, miss A, Got7, and other artists that received love not only in Korea but also overseas.  We look forward to teenagers who are overflowing with talents and passion to charismatically take on this challenge.

The best of luck to all the brave ones taking part in this audition and venturing into the music business!

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