2PM! soon will be back in action HOTTEST


What time is it? 2PM!! that right HOTTES they are working on bringing their sexy back. They are hard at work on their new songs to come back to us. The goal is for them to come back in the first half of 2014 with their new songs, so we can only hope. But as JYP as said in their statements the date has not been decided by the agency yet.

‘According to an exclusive report by Sports Korea, the specific month that the group seems to be aiming for is April.’ However, JYP Entertainment denied that they have decided on April, commenting to Osen, “They are preparing for their comeback, but there are a lot of things they still need to do like fine tuning the schedule.  Our goal is to have a comeback in the early half of the year.” Another rep from the agency told Sports Seoul, “The rumors about 2PM’s comeback being set for April are not true as nothing has been decided yet… It’s true 2PM is currently working on selecting songs, but we haven’t yet decided on the title track or the specific time period of comeback.”

Right now the guys of 2PM is having an arena tour in Japan while Wooyoung is also appearing on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘. With everyone having their program schedule however it seem Taecyeon‘s drama KBS‘s ‘Very Good Days‘ will be the big one they have to  work around, it would be difficult for him to simultaneously act and promote their new songs at the same time. One thing we known is that when ever they comeback we will be ready to support them like we have in the past.

Especially if they keep coming out with songs like:

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