Lee Seung Gi MAMA 2013

Staying up to watch MAMA 2013 live was not just entertaining but so worth the wait.  I am a HUGE ‘VIP’ and BIGBANG will always be NUMBER ‘1’ to me, however this year the one performance that took over for me was Lee Seung Gi with ‘Return’.  His performance started out with a full orchestra which I love because I play the violin so I was all in already.  After the intro You have Lee come out the floor with a GORGEOUS suit on, he looked amazing, I mean he not only look manly but just beyond handsome, when they say it’s the man who make the suit, looking at him you can tell if that suit was on any other man he would not have done it justice.  The most important thing that Had me falling all in love with him all over again I have to say is how sweet his voice sounded.  I don’t think I have ever heard anyone sing so sweet for a VERY long time.  No one deserve that ‘Best Vocal Performance Male’ award at MAMA2013,  he showed his amazing vocal skill with is ballad performance that everyone was beyond mesmerize by when watching him.    I am so glad now that everyone can see how handsome Lee Seung Gi look just like I have seeing him in the past.  He is indeed a triple treat when it comes in being a Hallyu-wave star in my book, I wish him only the best and keep doing what he truly love.

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