Daesung & Taro Hakase…..A Powerful Duo!!

Great news coming for all Bigbang’s Daesung VIPs, his first Japanese single ‘I Love You’ will be coming out in July 2013.  Daesung is mention to collaborate with world-class violinist Taro Hakase.  Upon promoting overseas, Daesung’s went out to set a record by rising to second on Oricon’s weekly with his Japanese album ‘D’scover’.  Daesung is known for his powerful vocal, but he always wants to improve so he is a little worried about his appearance with Taro, Daesung commented, ” There is a lot of pressure because Youozaki Yutaka’s ‘I Love You’ is already very famous and well-loved but I challenged the song because I like it a lot.”  All his VIPs know that great success will come with him teaming up with Hakase.  With ‘I Love You’ being a huge hit already in Korea back in 2000 when it was preformed by singer Position’s version.  Daesung’s  version will be used in a Japanese drama title ‘I Love You’.

Daesung continued about his collaboration with Taro Hakase, ” I am very honored a new ‘I Love You’ has been created with the good harmony between my voice and Hakase’s violin.”  With a statement like that we can only imagine how beautiful this duo will be, voice and instrument harmonizing together.  Remembering Hakase collaboration of ‘To Love You More’ with Celine Dion, two powerhouse always deliver an amazing performance.

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