The k-pop group INFINITE are at their 3rd anniversary since debut, and what a more fitting way to celebrate than with their fans.  This time they are going around the world, holding a large-scale world tour.  At the MCUBE press conference, the guys revealed their plans for their ‘One Great Step’ world tour.  All their fans should get ready starting August 9-10 they will begin in Seoul and move on over to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore.  U.S.A. fans should get excited to and stay on the lookout for them in November when they head over to L.A. and New York.  After they leave the U.S.A. they will than be heading over to Peru, London, and then France.  With a total of 10 countries and 20 cities add performance over 30 times.  With tour dates set to keep them on the road until January of next year, with the a prediction of meeting over 250,000 fans.

Dreaming will always show you possibilities in the near future for the INFINITE members it looks like.  Even before they where famous INFINITE was dreaming big, not just performing in South, Korea but yes a world tour.  Back in 2010 when they debut as part of a lesser known entertainment group, the guys where not famous.  It only took them a short period of time to grow into the well-known group they are today.  With so much talent between them and a drive for success, they where a success already.  With their beautiful choreography in every performance is a treat, not to mention their fun beats to go along with it.  Japan as already shown their love for INFINITE when they held their arena tour.

The members stated that their purpose for this tour is to spread the world of K-Pop, to show everyone what they have to offer.  With so much love and growth of K-Pop going on around the world, they are sure to receive many warm welcomes from their fans.


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