MBLAQ SOooooooooo….SEXY!!!

MBLAQ(Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, Mir)\'s 5th Album \'SEXY BEAT\' Show Case - June 4, 2013

So Lets show all the LOVE to MBLAQ for coming back with all the love and sexy they are known for.  At their comeback showcase they came on stage with their new moves and songs to wrap us fans all around them all over again.  MBLAQ’s new album ‘SEXY BEAT’ is neo soul and urban music genre, which means just what the tittle states ‘SEXY MUSIC’.  Their new album consists of six songs including the title track ‘Smoky Girl.’  I Can’t wait to see them shine and bring out their best as always, with so much talent that will catch-all of our eyes.  MBLAQ are definitely more than just their looks, talented in every area with multiple ways of showcasing it to their fans.  What can I say with MBLAQ, they came back and not only  impress me just as I thought they would but showed me even more talent.  With their comeback  just a beginning success is reaching out to MBLAQ already.


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