He is Back in ACTION!!! Jonghyun

When Shinee came back with ‘DreamGirl’ I feel in love al over again with the group only to hear of Jonghyuns injury.  I was really worried that he would be out of commission a lot longer than we could handle.  Guess what fans….he is on his way back any day now.  After not being able to perform with the group due to his nose injury for two months,  he his coming back on the 26th of May.  SM Entertainment has release official news  that Jonghyun will be joining the other four members in a fan event.  Due to his car accident back in April he was absent from the groups promotions and performance.

The group have been looking great onstage with their performance, we also known that they miss Jonghyuns presence.  With his charismatic personality, his colorful look, and just how much his character comes to life, we have all miss him.  Waiting just a few more days and we will have him back and shave Shinee a complete whole.



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