B.A.P Leaves for U.S. to Begin ‘LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC’ Tour

BAPIdol group B.A.P As you all should known by now made their way to the U.S.A.   In order to prepare and begin their ‘LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC’ tour the boys are in the mist of getting ready.  TS Entertainment stated, “Starting tomorrow, B.A.P will begin their concerts in the U.S. They will start off in L.A. the continue on to San Francisco on May 10, Washington D.C. on May 14 and New York on May 17. They will be visiting 4 of the most popular cities in America.”

Verizon invited B.A.P as their sponsor, for each location, they sold around 2500 tickets, making it a total of 10,000 tickets sold for the entire U.S. portion of the tour. With the groups massive popularity, fans protested and request a bigger locations, we can only say that our Idols popularity is just off the charts.  With the concerts time set they will also be participating in variety of showings.  Holding an interviews with popular media like MTV and Times magazine and also Billboard and so much more.  Their agency stated that due to their high rankings on various charts such as number 1 on the Billboard World Albums chart and number 1 on the iTunes hip-hop album chart has allowed them to be of big interest in the U.S.  After leaving the U.S . the Idols will take their tour to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and more.  Earlier, they held their first solo concert ‘LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL’ in Korea this past February.

B.A.P is known to be one of the hottest rookie groups and the fastest to hold many records such as fastest solo concert for rookie artists.



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