MIB is First Korean Group to Be Chosen Twice to Attend ‘MusicMatters’


Hip-hop group MIB is the first Korean group to be chosen 2 years in a row to attend the ‘MusicMatters K-Pop Showcase’.

MusicMatters is one of the top 3 international music events and they hold a ‘K-Pop Showcase’ where only 6 groups are chosen to perform. MIB was lucky enough to be chosen again this year.

Last May, MIB, who had just debuted not even a year then, was chosen to represent Korea at this event. They wore chosen again this year and became the first group to be chosen for two years in a row.

Out of the 33 applicants for the K-Pop showcase, MIB was chosen again, showing their popularity and talent.

MIB would be able to expand and spread awareness about Korean hip-hop through their performances at this international event and also be a great way for them to expand their fan base as well.

Their agency stated, “As much as they have been chosen 2 times for this event, their responsibility and pressure to do well is also much higher. They are working hard to prepare for this event. They hope to heat up the crowds in Singapore through their music.”

With their performance from last year, they have many Singapore fans and have been receiving their support ever since.

Last December, MIB was also chosen as a headliner performer for the ‘Celebrate 2013’ concert in Singapore as well.

On the other hand, you can see the entire list of artists for the ‘MusicMatters’ event here.

MusicMatters will be held next month on May 24 in Singapore.

Article on kpopstarz



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