2PM’s New Japanese Single ‘Give Me Love’ Tops Pre-Order Charts


Expectations are running wild for 2PM’s upcoming release of its Japanese single, “Give Me Love.”

Expectations are running wild for 2PM‘s upcoming release of its Japanese single, “Give Me Love.”

The pre-order charts in Japan show just how much the fans have been waiting for the return of the beastly idol group.

“Give Me Love,” which is set to be released on May 29, has topped the Japanese Ring tone Chart and Tower Records Pre-order charts.

“Give Me Love” is a powerful dance song based on a controlled show of masculinity. Chosen as the main theme song of TBS drama “Take Five” which premiered last Friday and took the reins of the TV ratings upon its arrival.

2PM is just coming off a busy week with concerts in Japan titled ‘Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome’ which took place on April 20 and 21. With tens of thousands of fans in attendance, that is where the music video of “Give Me Love” was revealed, once again managing to change their colors and provide the fans with something new yet 2PM.

“We are still a bit excited and up on the energy level from the Tokyo Dome concert last week. To hear such good news about the anticipation of our new song, it feels great. We are very grateful for our fans in HOTTEST. We will continue to get better and bring our fans great music,” 2PM responded in excitement.

2PM is an idol group that debuted under JYP Entertainment. They debuted in Japan in 2011 and ranked number 1 on the pre-order chart of Tower Records. They were the first Korean group to top that specific chart.

They also held their first Japan concert tour that same year as well.

2PM will be making a comeback this May.


Article found on kpopstartz



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