MBLAQ Mir’s Girl Group notebook………All Soldiers’ Love in One Place


MBLAQ’s Mir shows off his connection with the beautiful ladies of SISTAR which was welcome by much love from his fellow soldiers.  The MBC entertainment program “Real Man”, for soldiers who finished their boot camp training were revealed.  With the first meeting being the most awkward, talking about a girl group seem a good way to break tension.  Mir surely caught the attention of the other soldiers by the phone numbers he had.  One of the question he was ask was “Which girl group are you closest to?,” he than proceeded to take out his secret notebook.

He was asked, “Is there a girl group member you can eat with if you go out of here?” and he replied, “4minute‘s Nam Jihyun, SISTAR‘s Soyoo and Bora, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.”  To the question, “Is there anyone who would come visit you here no matter what?” he replied, “SISTAR’s Soyoo and Bora would come for sure.”  His answers left the soldiers really excited and bursting with laughter.

Photo Credit: MBC




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