G-Dragon’s ‘MichiGO’ Full of Suggestive Imagery, ‘Will It Meet The Same Censorship As Psy’s ‘Gentleman’?’

G-Dragon-MichiGO-7-659x353G-Dragon, Big Bang leader and musical pioneer, released his bizarre, head-splitting music video for the single “MichiGO” a few days ago and it has already gotten close to 3 million views on YouTube.

Aside from being an interesting track, the video is full of colorful scenery, loud costumes, celebrity guest appearances, and suggestive imagery – much like another YG Family member’s recent single, Psy‘s “Gentleman.”

Last week when “Gentleman” was banned from TV broadcasts for “abuse of public property,” many wondered if that was the only reason.  Psy’s video also contained a lot of sexually explicit scenarios, from pulling off a woman’s bikini top and eating fishcakes in an outdoor restaurant to a obvious panty-shot and gyrating against a lamppost – perhaps these are the real reasons behind the censorship?

So now with G-Dragon‘s latest music video, fans are wondering if he too, will face the conservative state-run TV’s red tape.


Both Psy and GD used “mother-father” in the lyrics in lieu of a more censor-worthy “mother-f***er,” so at the very least, they are safe on the inappropriate language front.  But what about the scenes explicitly suggesting sexual activity?

For beginners, we have a the rapper-singer bouncing on a giant elephant head moving the phallic trunk around between his legs and there are also several scenes of GD gyrating at a urinal.  He can later be seen laying across the laps of two mask-clad adults being spanked, which just happens to coincide with the hook of “feeling good!”  G-Dragon peeks in a bathroom stall and gives the thumbs up and then is shown alongside a woman shaking her cleavage all about.

What’s the big deal?  Not much for western audiences who are used to highly sexualized imagery in pop music, but potentially alarming for South Koreans who tend to be more conservative about such things.

Psy was banned for his “attack” on public property, which may have been a guise for the sexual nature of his “Gentleman” music video.  With no property damage in “MichiGO” it will likely be harder for G-Dragon to face the same sort of censorship.

Perhaps this was YG Entertainment’s idea when they released the video for “MichiGO” long after the song’s LINE debut at the beginning of this month.  Knowing Psy’s international appeal, if he could get away with being so overtly sexual in his video, surely G-Dragon could get away with it too.


Article by kpopstarz



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